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Code: 0B1009

New model FP861 is the most powerful pneumatic hand held cutting machine ever produced by Rasor. Air compressed motor is wholly made by Rasor. thanks to the latest generation mechanical and pneumatic components, this excellent turbine reaches a power of 400W with 20.000 RPM and a very high torque. The diameter of motor is now of 40mm only, the smallest within its category. The rotor blade are made of VANESTAR material which reduce to the minimum the weight and the friction. The model FP861 with a knife of 86mm diameter and 8-edges is able to cut any kind of material at the “flexible stage” up to maximum cutting thickness of 25mm. This is the reason why this model is normally used in textile, technical fabric and composite material field. Due to high powerful it is able to cut several layers of fiber glass and carbon fiber. The high torque and the low speed of the knife allow to cut even rubber material with plastic base within the carpet and flooring application. The foot is aluminium made, light and small dimension so to allow cutting straight or curved sections easily and precisely. The push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. The new fixed rear protection is now transparent plastic made to have more visibility during the cutting operations.

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