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MP / F/A /T

MP / F/A /T

Sewing machine type
MP/F/T *Not in stock
Code: 0B2054A

Rectangular ironing tables with suction fan function, 4 Kw boiler for ironing curtains. Boiler with 4 Kw, 380 V, equipped with air hand iron holder. Needs 12 Kw free electricity supply. Board heated electrically.

Board 3.000x750 mm 1 hand iron with lamp.
Code: 0B2054

Board 3.000x750 mm 2 hand irons no lamp.
Code: 0B2059A

Board 3.000x750 mm 2 hand irons with lamp.          
Code: 0B2059

MP/A/T *Not in stock
Other vacuum tables for boiler no iron curtain (requires 4 atmospheres of pressure steam generator in an independent use):

Board 3.000x750 mm 220 V      
Code: 0B2054B
Board 3.000x1.000 mm 220 V        
Code: 0B2054C
Board 2.000x1.000 mm 220 V                     
Code: 0B2054l 

All these tables include rail, but not iron hand.

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