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Sewing machine type
Code: 0B1005

The newest model in FP series, FP503 is the lighter and most powerful pneumatic hand-held cutting tool Rasor have ever produced in more than 70 years of work. The air motor is wholly made by Rasor. Thanks to latest generation pneumatic and mechanical components, the turbine reaches an extraordinary power of 350Watt in 22,000 RPM and a very high torque. The motor diameter is only 40mm that is the smallest within its category. The rotor blades are designed and produced in VANESTAR material so to reduce to minimum the weight and the friction. The cutting part has also been wholly reassessed: a reinforced structure and bronze/steel gear coupling create a high torque which allows the use of this pneumatic cutting tool not only in textile field but also in technical fabrics or leather fields. The max cutting thickness is now 9mm and the new push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. The new strong and slim shaped foot allows to trim curved sections very easily. The new model FP503 is truly a novel concentration of power and lightness (it weights only 800 grams) in the field of professional cutting tool.

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